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Story and photos, except where noted, by Ken Kula

There’s a saying that I’ve heard many times in my life… and it happens “Only in Oshkosh!”. This year’s EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2024 has a few of these moments in the offing, and while it’s impossible to guess which activities and appearances – most or all of these – will actually occur (factor in weather and mechanical snags), the announcements ahead of the week-long gathering at the end of July hint of another spectacular year.

Here are a few previews which grabbed my attention among the many media releases already circulated this year: all of these will occur during the final full week in July:



The White Knight was designed by Burt Rutan

Burt Rutan, the legendary designer and builder of unconventional (but quite successful) aircraft will be present in several forums and presentations.

eBeaver will be flying – a venerable DHC-2 Beaver with an all-new electric engine is scheduled for Tuesday’s Showcase.


A new Boeing F-15EX Eagle II in flight. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Meghan Hutton)

The USAF Material Command will showcase cutting edge aviation systems throughout the week, including X-planes, unmanned aircraft and aviators from the USAF Test Pilot School. An announcement of the appearance of a new F-15EX Eagle II was well received.

Warbirds of America:


A pair of Boeing B-29 bombers and an Avro Lancaster will be in the skies over Oshkosh this year.

The only two flying Boeing B-29 bombers and one of only two airworthy Avro Lancasters will fly as part of the Wednesday evening’s air show.


A pair of P-47 “Razorback” Thunderbolts are expected in Oshkosh this year

Two rare Republic P-47 “Razorbacks” are scheduled to attend.

David Martin is scheduled to fly another rare warbird, a Temco Super Pinto jet twice during the week.

The D-Day Squadron will present a World War Two parachute demonstration from a C-47 transport.

Air Show News:


The Canadian Armed Forces Parachute Team, the Skyhawks, will be performing

2024 is the 100th Anniversary of the founding of today’s Royal Canadian Air Force, and several warbirds will be present. The RCAF’s Snowbirds flight demonstration team and the Skyhawks parachute team will highlight Canadian military participation. Canadian warbirds will be present too.


The Italian Air Force’s Frecce Tricolori will be in the air over Oshkosh this year too. (File photo).

The Italian Air Force’s Frecce Tricolori jet demonstration team will make an appearance during the early part of the week, making a stop during their two month long North American tour this year.

U.S. Air Force Capt. Taylor “FEMA” Hiester, F-16 Viper Demonstration Team commander and pilot, taxis at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., May 13, 2024. The team will use the 50th anniversary YF-16 paint scheme for the 2024 and 2025 air show seasons. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Meghan Hutton)

Throwback color scheme of the original F-16 Fighting Falcon prototypes is flown on this year’s F-16 Demo team mount. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Meghan Hutton)

The USAF’s A-10 Demo Team will display for the final time in Oshkosh, the team will disband after this year. The F-16 Demo Team sports a throwback color scheme from the original F-16 prototype first flown 50 (that’s right!) years ago. The F-22 Demo team will be present too, as well as the US Navy’s EA-18G Growler Demo team. A B-52 Stratofortress will also be on the grounds during the week.


Matt Younkin Twin Beech Aerobatics is one of the many exciting aerobatic performers flying in this year at the EAA’s AirVenture

A dizzying array of well-known pilots will perform throughout the week in aircraft ranging from World War II trainers and fighters to helicopters to cutting edge aerobatic mounts.
Like I said in the beginning of this article, there are displays, formations and demonstrations that are found “Only at Oshkosh” almost every day.

Aircraft type birthday/anniversaries which will be celebrated include:

T-28B Trojan warbird at Oshkosh in 2022

North American T-28 Trojan – 75TH Anniversary
RLU-1 BREEZY – 60TH Anniversary
Zenith 601/650 – 40TH Anniversary

Swearingen SX300

Swearingen SX300 – 40TH Anniversary
Denny Kitfox Aircraft – 40TH Anniversary

Aeronca 7AC at a past EAA Oshkosh event

Aeronca Aircraft – 80TH Anniversary
Helio Courier – 70TH Anniversary
Titan Tornado – 30TH Anniversary
Mini-MAX – 40TH Anniversary

Of course, you’ll see thousands of aircraft on the grounds of the Whitman Regional Airport at Oshkosh. The Boeing Plaza showcases a wide-ranging group of aircraft which changes daily. Six more main aircraft groups which congregate in separate areas include Homebuilts, Warbirds, Vintage, Ultralight/LSA/Rotocraft, Aerobatics, and a separate Seaplane Base (with bus shuttle service) nearby. And the world-class EAA Aviation Museum is open too.

To see more, go to the EAA’s AirVenture web site at – plus, the team will be showcasing many of the headlining events, aviators and planes of the 2024 edition of the EAA’s AirVenture show after it occurs. Be sure to visit us often to see more articles in the coming few months.

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