Friday, August 26th — Well, I’m on my way down US-13 to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, OBX, for a short vacation prior to the Oceana trip later in September. Of course I had to stop at the Dover Air Museum on the way down to pay my respects to the 35 old planes at the Dover museum ramp. Every time I head south, I always stop at Dover, just to walk around these beautiful classics and historical AMC planes. It’s always such an exhilarating experience just to do the Ramp Walk and take some more of the same shots again. Attached here are a few new ramp shots to share with all of you:

I met up with a new Museum docent who updated me on some new things happening at the museum. Turns out this docent (whose name I did not get) was a 65 year old retired left seater on C-5’s and was based here at Dover and also at Travis. He also flew the blue and white VIP UH-1N Huey’s with the 1st Helicopter Squadron with the 316th Operations Group at Andrews, along with some other helos. I asked him what was his favorite plane to fly. Surprisingly (or maybe not), he said his favorite “plane” was the Huey!


So, what’s new at Dover? The museum just got a “new” KC-10 Extender from the 305th AMW at McGuire. For the moment, it’s too big to go anywhere on the museum ramp so it’s sitting close by on the previous “Kalitta Charters” VIP ramp right in front of the museum’s chain link base line fence. The plans are to push the museum C-5A “Missile Plane” back on to a new ramp extension and the KC-10 will then go where the C-5 used to be, so that all the tankers would the be in one group. Stand By. Near the C-5, the recently arrived KB-50J Superfortress Tanker is going through a massive restoration. In this process, extensive corrosion and rusting was discovered. Right now the two port engines are free of their cowling covers and you can see the rusted out engine “guts” in all its rusted glory. Finally, the new C-119B Flying Boxcar has had its restoration fully completed and has now been placed next to the Pope C-130E Herc.

Come on down to Dover. It’s a great ramp to walk and see a bit of aviation history up close and for free!

Bill Sarama

You can hover over each thumbnail for the aircraft’s type, and click for a larger photo.

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