The Millennial Farnborough International Air Shows



ATR-42-500 soon to be delivered to Cuban airline Aerogaviota, at the 2002 Farnborough trade show.

Here are a number of aircraft photos featuring the aircraft from the 2000 and 2002 Farnborough International Air Show. In reality, the shows featured a huge, world-wide trade show for five days, followed by a pair of public shows on the last two days of the week-long event. Although the weekend air shows drew large crowds and many interesting performers, the daily trade show flying displays at the end of the day featured individual aircraft showing off some of their maneuverability, as well a putting the aircraft’s brand out in front of many key business representatives and government officials.


BAe Systems EF2000 Typhoon two-seat trainer flew in the 2002 event.

The biennial events that we feature here were held during the summer of the new Millennium and two years after that. Farnborough is held on even years; it has been held on almost every opportunity since 1948. In 2019 it was announced that the weekend air shows were ending, but the public would be able to attend the Friday afternoon trade show display.

So, here’s a snapshot of what the aviation industry was presenting some two decades ago. 

Airbus displayed their A-300B4-608ST Super Transporter in 2000.

NH-90 demonstrator in 2000.

Blue 45, a Sukhoi SU-32MF, put on a spirited flying display in 2000.

Embraer 145 passenger jet performed along with two stablemates during the 2000 trade shows.

Saab S100B Argus flew during the 2000 show.

BAe’s Eurofighter EF2000 DA2 displayed the new types’ maneuverability in 2000.

Mil-17 of Kazan Helis was displayed in 2000.

Airbus displayed a Corporate Jet version of the A-319 in 2000.

Relatively new in 2000, the CRJ-700 jetliner was not a common sight in Europe yet.

Boeing BBJ1 business jet in 2000.

ATR-72-500 would soon be delivered to Iran’s Asseman Airlines after the 2000 show.

Aerostar/Elbit Lancer III was an upgraded MiG-21bis of the Romanian Air Force, displayed in 2002.

Westland Super Lynx 103, destined for the Malaysian Navy, in 2002.

Boeing’s B-767-432ER demonstrator was aboard for the 2002 event.

Bombardier’s new Global Express in 2002.

Canadian military EH-101, better known as the CH-149, in 2002.

Alenia C-27J demonstrator in 2002.

Boeing’s in-flight on-line connectivity demonstrator, a B-737-42C in 2002.

Luftwaffe EF2000 Typhoon displayed during 2002’s trade shows.

Airbus A-340-541 jetliner was surprisingly agile because it was empty when performing for the trade show crowd in 2002!

Airbus’ A-318 demonstrator flew in 2002.



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