The Greatest Test Pilot You’ve Never Heard Of

As a member of the media, I get to do some very exciting interviews with some incredible people!

For well over 15 years, I have been working on an archive to tell the story of many of those that are in the Astronomy, Space, Aviation and Weather worlds. You can actually listen in to my growing archive of exciting interviews, with may great guests at:

This time, I really feel that I have scored a great one! That would be a short interview with a man that does not seek publicity and was SO involved with the golden age of aviation! That man is Fitzhugh “Fitz” Fulton, an American patriot and aviator.

Now retired, “Fitz” spent some 23 years in the USAF and then went on to work with NASA and the 747 / Shuttle program.

I was given his contact information, from another good friend in the business and called to speak with “Fitz”.

He is 89 years young and has a great love for aviation….you will hear this in his voice. He and his wife Erma have been married at least 70 years and to this day, even as “Fitz” manages Parkinson’s disease….he is the author of a self published book….”Father Of The Mother Planes”, a great story of his times with many unique aircraft….the B51, B58, B70 and so many other aircraft.

Please listen to my short interview with “Fitz” and the follow up tribute that I do to his honor, as I read aloud an article that was published on the life and times of “Fitz” Fulton, by Air and Space Magazine’s Carl Posey, who wrote this article in the December 2013 issue…..

Thank you to “Fitz” Fulton, for your service to our nation and to the aircraft that you flew and I hope to visit him in California someday soon!


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