National Aviation Heritage Invitational Announces 2014 Awards

National Aviation Heritage Invitational Announces 2014 Awards to Restored Aircraft
Recipient of the Neil A. Armstrong Aviation Heritage Trophy

National Aviation Hall of Fame Enshrinees joined presenting sponsor Perform Air. in awarding the Grand Champion Neil A. Armstrong National Aviation Heritage Trophy to the:1934 Waco YKC Owned and restored by Dave and Jeanne Allen of Alberto, Colorado.


Winners in other categories:

MILITARY: Henry ‘Hap’ Arnold Trophy: 1945 Goodyear Corsair FGID, owned by Brian Reynolds of Olympia, Wa. and restored by Airpower Unlimited.

CLASSIC: Paul E. Garber Trophy: 1947 Cessna 140, owned by Josh and Junelle Cawthra of Renton, Wa.

ANTIQUE: Orville and Wilbur Wright trophy: 1944 Howard DGA-15P, owned by Tim Weston of Yelm, Wa.

LARGE: Howard Hughes Trophy: 1944 Douglas A-26C, owned by Rick Clemens of Carson City, NV. And restored by
Sanders Lead Company Inc. of Troy, Ala.

National Aviation Hall of Fame People’s Choice: Air and Space Smithsonian:
1945 Goodyear Corsair, owned by Brian Reynolds of Olympia, Wa.

“Assisting in the trophy presentations to the winning owners were National Aviation Hall of Fame Enshrinees Dick Rutan, Clarence ‘Bud’ Anderson, Herb Kelleher, and R.A. Bob Hoover. Joining them was Ron Kaplan, Co-Founder and Deputy Director of the National Aviation Heritage Invitational.

The Heritage is held in conjunction with the Reno National Championship Air Races and celebrates aviation treasures. This endeavor is a joint effort under the auspices of Perform Air., the National Aviation Hall of Fame, and Pathways to Aviation Foundation, with support from the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum, Air Transport World, Historic Flight Foundation, ISTAT Foundation, Southwest Airlines, Reno Air Racing Association, LiveAirShowTV and Airmail Greetings.

The National Aviation Heritage Invitational encourages preservation of aviation history through the restoration of aircraft to original flying condition. The Invitational was founded in 1998. A five-member panel, including representatives of the National Air and Space Museum, judges each aircraft on its technical merit and how well it represents the aircraft early in its career. Authenticity to the original manufacturer’s condition is the “gold standard” for each plane.

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