Planes of Fame Airshow Preview


On May 5th and 6th, the Planes of Fame Air Museum in Chino California is going to open its hangar doors and roll out some of the finest examples of restored aircraft in flying condition from years past.  This year’s airshow honors the turning of the tide in the Pacific in 1942.  The airshow is scheduled to feature over 40 historic aircraft performing for all those in attendance; in addition to many other fascinating exhibits and demonstrations.

The Planes of Fame airshow is THE airshow to go to if you happen to like anything that flies and has used by various militaries across the world in the last 70+ years.  The flying collection during the show includes aircraft from World War II and on; including an F-4 flight.  The list of performers and aircraft flying in the airshow is too long to put here and really is better viewed on the Planes of Fame website:

Many of the aircraft scheduled to fly are one of only a small number of flying examples.  The Planes of Fame airshow usually has a majority of the flying P-38; at least one of only a few Tigercats; more Mustangs than just about anywhere else; and this year Planes of Fame has merited a spot on Sean Tucker’s performance schedule.

The staff at the Planes of Fame Air Museum were more than gracious, including amazing access to aerial photography of a couple of their fabulous machines.  Having the opportunity to go up in the air and shoot a P-38 Lightning along with a P-40 Warhawk was an amazing experience from a Cessna 195.  Many thanks are due to everyone at Planes of Fame for their generosity in opportunity and welcoming attitude.

Simply put, the Planes of Fame airshow is amazing.  Every year I go, I look at the whole experience as a privilege to see these rare machines flying.  Unfortunately, as time goes on these aircraft become fewer and fewer and you just never know when they might not be around for the next performance.  See you at the show!

The Planes of Fame Air Museum is located at Chino Airport and located online at  For more information visit their website or call 909-597-7576

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