2014 Reno Air Races – Heritage Invitational Preview Video

Here are some of the planes entered in this year’s National Aviation Heritage Invitational, held during the Reno Air Races at Stead Field. Check out these amazing restorations and very unique aircraft.

By LiveAirShowTV


2014 National Aviation Heritage Invitational Participants

As of August 30, 2014


Antique                1944      Howard DGA-15P

Military                 1944        North American Aviation SNJ-5C

Military                 1943       North American SNJ-4

Classic                  1954       Cessna 180

Military                 1940       North American NA-64 Yale

Classic                  1965       Beech Craft S-35

Antique                 1937       Stinson SR-9F

Military                  1945       Goodyear FG1D

Antique                 1942       Interstate S-1A

Military                  1944       North American AT-6D

Antique                 2013       Moss     QED

Military                  1949      North American T-28A

Military                  1968      Cessna O-2A

Military                  1955      NORTH AMERICANT28B

Antique                 1933       Detroit Lockheed Vega DL-1 Special

Antique                 1929       Command Aire   5C-3

Classic                  1946       Piper      PA-12

Classic                  1954       Cessna 180

Classic                  1947       Luscombe 8E

Classic                  1949       Aeronca Super Chief 11-CC

Large Aircraft        1944       DOUGLAS A-26C

Large Aircraft        1945       Grumman/General Motors TBM-3E

Military                 1971       J K GILMAN AH-1G/S

Military                 1951       Cessna L-19/O-1/305A   N5259G

Military                 1970       North American/Rockwell OV-10

Military                 1943       North American P-51B Mustang

Classic                  1947       Cessna 140

Antique                1943       Howard DGA-15P

Large                   1945       Lockheed PV-2D Harpoon

Antique                1934       WACO   YKC

Classic                 1947       Stinson 108-3


For further information contact:

June Powers: cjpowers7005@yahoo.com

Connie May: cpardew@att.net

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