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Dr.Sky Joins Media For Launch Of STS-135/ Shuttle Atlantis

Dr.Sky was given the high honor of being a part of the last space shuttle launch (STS-135), attending as part of the media. This was the first time that I have seen a live launch and memory of the event, will last a lifetime! I had arrived in Florida on July 7th, with poor weather prospects predicted for the Friday morning launch; (11:26AM EDT). Heavy rain was all around us for a good portion of Thursday, July 7th,

The National Aviation Heritage Invitational – Reno 2010

National Aviation Hall of Fame Enshrines joined presenting sponsor Rolls-Royce North America, Inc. in awarding the Rolls-Royce Aviation Heritage trophy to the 1945 North American P51-D NACA 127. Owned by William Allmon of Las...

Lightning Strikes Sacramento!

Living on the East Coast, I always look forward to attending West Coast air shows, for they usually contain a totally different group of aircraft than those I routinely see.  The 2010 California Capital...

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